Resurrection Man - Feature Film Plans


The short film, Resurrection Man, began as a simple camera test, but quickly morphed into a project with a somewhat loftier goal. We wished to demonstrate that if filmmakers of vision can assemble the right combination of a few talented artists, it's possible to transform modest production resources into a consumer-worthy film that is on par with similar content coming out of Hollywood. In the case of the short film, we achieved that goal with a consumer-grade camcorder, an 8 person crew, three locations, one day of shooting, and a production budget of $300.

The response to the short film, from industry professionals and the broad public alike, has been overwhelming. There is little doubt that this ten-minute movie plays like something greater than a $300 camera test. It demonstrates that we can achieve much more. Now we wish to put this experience to bear on the story of Callen and his nemesis Rowan.

So how will we go from a one-day-of-production short film to a full-length feature? By building the production on a solid foundation of the four key elements of a successful independent film.


The Right People - Private World Studios and HammerSpace Pictures are currently developing Resurrection Man as a full-length, independent feature film. Our industry experience includes on-set technical crew, legal, project development, and successful completion of a full-length independent feature film in 2008. Our years of extensive on-set experience give us the confidence of knowing by name the professionals who are the right "fit" for the production.


The Right Plan - Make the Movie Before Ever Spending a Dime

1. Single-minded focus on great storytelling.

2. Development of a self-limiting world. Grand special effects require grand budgets. When you don't have a grand budget, you have to write smarter.

3. Choosing the right people. With both cast and crew, we will bring together artists who complement one another, who want to contribute artistically as well as technically to the success of the project, and who will help create an on-set experience that is creative, supportive, and most of all, enjoyable.

4. Pre-Production, Pre-Production, Pre-Production.
Before cameras ever roll, the entire movie, virtually shot for shot, will be completed through a well-orchestrated combination of digital pre-visualization, artistic renderings, and on-location video pre-viz.


The Right Product - Resurrection Man is not an art film. Resurrection Man is a supernatural thriller, combining elements of and attracting the same demographic as films like Paranormal Activity, Let the Right One In, and The Sixth Sense and hit TV shows like The X-Files, Heroes, and Grimm.The commercial appeal of the story has also been central to its development from day one. We developed Resurrection Man with the knowledge that the market for the film is already there.


The Right Place - One of the great advantages that we have as filmmakers is our location—Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania is a thriving film hub, and the combination of Federal and Pennsylvania tax incentives helps to mitigate the risk associated with this type of investment. We streamlined the locations of Resurrection Man in such a way that we can create enormous diversity of imagery, while at the same time keeping all locations within 3 hours from Pittsburgh. This saves the production significant dollars and allows for our investors to participate in the Pennsylvania Film Tax Credit Program.


The right PEOPLE, the right PLAN, the right PRODUCT, the right PLACE. You navigate these four correctly, and you have a successful film. This is the course we are charting for Resurrection Man. Thank you for taking the time to view our film. We hope you enjoyed Resurrection Man, and we hope that you are as excited to see the finished feature as we are. If you would like to be a part of Resurrection Man, the movie, and would like more information, contact us.

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